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The Ruffled cotton pouch has been designed to help you sort things in your handbag or your desk in simple easy pouches, we have assured they take minimal or no space extra in your handbag/drawer, these are single layer flat designs to save space and give to the ones who need it more- your Stuff!, adding a charm to its functionality is the pleated design, because we know -- LOOKS matter. this is a set of 2 bags - 10" X 5" and 10"X 7". convenient enough to fill in bag and hold your important stuff. big one is good enough to hold laptop charger and phone chargers together. go grab them and see yourself asking for next. .

Blue heap ruffled pouch set of 2

  • These Bags are made up of 100% cotton material , and is single layered, the bag is easy to use for sorting and doesnt require any space for itself in your bag, it takes shape of things you put inside making it an ideal one to opt when there is a lot of clutter sorting required.

    This comes as a pack of 2

  • All the products are generally shipped in 2 working days from the date or order placement.

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