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This Handmade paper Diary is manufactured by second generation artists working for royalties of rajasthan popularly known as the Kagzi community. Product Dimension : 8 X 6 inches ,100 Pages. Material: printed marble on hardboard, Paper 120 GSM (pure handmade paper). It Is Acid Free Diary And Can Be Recycled. Binding and Material: Hand-Sewn And uses cardboard. These printed fabric Diaries Could Be Used For Sketching, Writing, Calligraphy, Personal Memos and alot of other writing And Gift Purposes. Handmade Paper is traditionally made using various vegetable fibers or cotton rags Another method is to use recycled paper. These fibers are obtained from variety of plant species. Each fiber has its own physical properties and lends a peculiar characteristic to the paper. Making paper by hand in India is a traditional art which has been passed down through the generations by craftsmen known as Kagzis; the name being derived from the word `Kagaz' meaning paper. Though these are now almost extinct, the traditional method of Handmade papermaking is still found in various parts of India where the traditional Kagzi; communities ultimately settled. One renowned `Kagzi; community is in SANGANER near the famous pink city of JAIPUR.

Bahaar Harod handmade paper Diary

  • This Notebook, is handmade using hardboard and fabric.

    Dimension- 7" X 5"


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